Idaho Conspirators Defraud Court and Defame

Drug Industry Whistleblower in Crime Spree

Tainted by KKK Propaganda Reminiscent of

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Persecution by the FBI

Sandpoint ID—The drug cartel’s leading critic, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, a successful natural health activist, has filed for sanctions and Idaho State Bar discipline against attorney, John A. Finney, for allegedly committing a series of malpractices, certifying forgery, aiding-and-abetting racketeering activities, and slandering the doctor’s reputability, religious beliefs, state of mind, and Judeo-Christian ministry, during trial in a town where leading racists endorse KKK candidates for political office.

Attorney Finney’s alleged complicity with the doctor’s ex-wife, and a leading KKK propagandist, Alma C. Ott, has the Court and justice officials considering organized crime, Finney’s anti-Semitic remarks, and his diagnosis of Horowitz’s alleged “mental illness” said to be “NPD,” short for “narcissistic personality disorder,” sourced exclusively by the doctor’s commercial competitors.

Judge Barbara A. Buchannan described the case as the most bizarre of her career, and witnessed attorney Finney’s religious slurs against Horowitz—a celebrity author and filmmaker whose research has gathered international acclaim, including the March, 2008, political acknowledgment by Barack Obama’s religious minister, Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Wright’s controversial remarks about AIDS being a government loosed plague derailed Obama’s first presidential election campaign. In defense, Wright credited Horowitz and his book, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola—Nature, Accident or Intentional? for evidencing contaminated vaccinations manufactured by the Merck pharmaceutical company and U.S. Government bioweapons contractor, Litton Bionetics, for the disease’s 1976 emergence and continuing profitable presence.

Basis for the Idaho Conspiracy

Horowitz is considered a #1 enemy of the drug industry. The doctor’s books and films have devastated the public’s faith in vaccines. A Harvard-trained expert in public health, Horowitz’s critical review of “immunization” science, published in his bestselling book, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola—Nature, Accident or Intentional? is considered a “national security risk” since many world leaders have endorsed Horowitz’s research that evidences an Anglo-American conspiracy to generate cancers and population controlling plagues, including the cancer complex called “HIV/AIDS.”

Rev. Jeremiah Wright defended his conviction that AIDS, like the government’s Tuskeegee Syphilis Study, was a genocidal imposition involving bioweapons designed to kill mainly Blacks. Wright’s comments evidence Horowitz’s widespread impact on public opinions about vaccines and plagues allegedly threatening “national security.” (See: In Lies We Trust documentation pdf.)

“If anyone was to be targeted by BigPharma and the cancer industry in defense of supposedly ‘national security,’ it would be Dr. Horowitz,” said Sherri Kane, an investigative journalist, joined in the case by Finney.

“Dr. Horowitz’s findings are a trillion dollar liability to the planet’s most powerful drugs and arms dealers,” Kane continued. “Genetically engineered vaccines that generate and spread new viruses, potential biological weapons used for false flag outbreaks and population reduction, is an urgent concern for people with reasonable intelligence.”

In July, 2011, Horowitz filed a complaint for injunctive relief from Idaho conspirators led by his ex-wife, Jacqueline G. Lindenbach, complicit in destroying his publishing and health products companies. Lindenbach joined Utah businessman and “conspiracy theorist” Alma C. Ott, in a campaign to libel Horowitz and Kane—a  commercial conspiracy aimed at destroying the journalists’ reputations and successful businesses.

The “bizarre” case began when Lindenbach bribed Horowitz’s Idaho staff, then stole the companies main web domains from his personal account. Two weeks later she illegally dissolved the doctor’s three natural health companies during the takeover, aided-and-abetted by Ott’s group of propagandists and commercial competitors.


“Dr. Horowitz’s findings are a trillion dollar liability to the planet’s most powerful drugs and arms dealers,”


Multiple complaints to the Idaho Attorney General’s Office of Consumer Affairs show Lindenbach continues defrauding customers by phone and mail, giving Horowitz’s financial supporters the false impression the ex-wife’s actions were endorsed by the doctor after a “Management Split.” [Click to view consumer complaints (1); (2); (3); (4); (5); (6)]

The first of two trials ended in early May, with another planned for late summer.

The court will consider Finney’s counterclaim that Lindenbach acted in “self-defense” from being damaged by Horowitz and Kane, who allegedly acted to steal a lucrative “Affiliate Program” using a “secret” bank account that Lindenbach knew about, and accessed regularly as the senior fiduciary.

Horowitz evidences that Lindenbach and her subordinate, Rhonda Goade, exclusively kept the “secret” account’s records, and used them to bill Kane monthly adding a 15% surcharge on sales generated by the Affiliate Program as a “service charge” to benefit all parties.

Lindenbach also contends the doctor and Kane violated the companies’ “Operating Agreements.” 

But a careful look at the alleged “Operating Agreements,” concealed from Horowitz and Kane until a week before trial, show they were mostly unsigned and apparently altered by Lindenbach’s “cut and paste job,” Horowitz testified.

Finney certified the tampered evidence to defraud the court, Horowitz complained to the ISB. A forged signature on one “Operating Agreement” is a felony, and the “cut-and-paste” tampering evidences a compound crime. (The ISB hearing was recorded on May 13, 2013, and can be heard using the media player above.)

The court is purportedly considering the tainted evidence in deciding ownership of assets in Horowitz’s three terminated companies. Most of the product inventories were converted (i.e., stolen) by Lindenbach, then sold to build her new company, Healthy World Celebrations, LLC.

Technically, Horowitz reminded the court, that is “money laundering”—the sale of stolen property to build a new competing company. The organized crime, aided-and-abetted by Ott for commercial competition, and by Finney “under color of law,” is materially evidenced proving conspiracy, abuse of process, and fraud upon the court.

So Horowitz moved the Buchannan Court and ISB to sanction Finney for his complicity with Lindenbach and Ott in the conspiracy, committing multiple malpractices, defrauding the court by forgery, perjury, and manufactured evidence, to aid-and-abet “racketeering activities,” extortion, theft, unfair competition, deceptive trade, and libel committed to defame Horowitz and Kane.

“Most intelligent people understand the drug cartel, like ‘the mob,’ operates a ‘protection racket,’” Horowitz explained. “Reasonable people can see the conspirators’ criminal intent here was to damage my career, business reputation, distract me from professional whistleblowing, and discredit low cost no risk cures that I promote. The fact that Sherri and I have survived the same COINTELPRO-like persecution that damaged Martin Luther King, Jr. and his family before his assassination is a blessing and great honor.”

KKK Propaganda by “Conspiracy Theorist” Taints Trial

Alma C. Ott (alias “Dr. ‘True’ Ott”) is a leading anti-Semitic KKK propagandist espousing “Christian Identity” theology on the Internet, and is described by Iron County Sherriff’s Office police lieutenant Jody Edwards as a “‘use caution’ individual.”

Edwards is Ott’s brother-in-law, who described Ott as “quite anti-government,” and warned Ott’s Summons server, Richard Dickenson, as the court officer was attempting to serve Ott, that Ott is probably armed and potentially dangerous.

Dickenson’s sworn affidavit records Edwards’s warning and Ott’s evasion of service. (Click to read Ott's process server’s Affidavit of 4-22-13; and Evasion of Service Affidavit of M’Lissa Holt of 4-16-13)

Referring to Ott, “Jody said he does not know if he is narcissistic, bi-polar or what, because he does not believe he has ever had a psych-eval, but thinks ANYONE could Google his name and see that he has something wrong with him.”

Ott began libeling Horowitz in 2007, and the doctor’s ex-wife joined Ott and his gang of Internet “trolls” in expanding the libel in 2011. Lindenbach distributed to members of Ott’s gang of cyber-stalkers stolen photos of Kane, her private journal writings, and a heavily edited videotape smearing Horowitz and Kane with added racist slurs defaming Horowitz as “knighted by the Pope” to serve as a “spawn of Satan” in a global “Zionist conspiracy.”

The ex-wife’s contempt for Kane is demonstrated by the anti-Semitic propaganda produced to embarrass Kane with false light libel to ruin her reputation and discredit Horowitz at the same time.

Kane lived and worked with both Lindenbach and Horowitz, and took care of their children, became intimate with the doctor after his divorce, while Lindenbach denied their intimacy and her extreme jealousy.

“This is a ‘scorned woman’s action,” said Horowitz’s attorney who requested anonymity, and has attempted to focus the case on Lindenbach’s illegal dissolutions of Horowitz’s three successful corporations.

Court records show Lindenbach resented, even hated, Kane, and extorted Horowitz to “dump her,” turn over his companies, and transfer all his remaining interest in real estate, beyond the $3 million in properties already granted her. Otherwise, Lindenbach extorted Horowitz, he will suffer further alienation from his children, she threatened. (CLICK HERE to read the court Exhibit 38.)

When testifying at trial whether she was ever concerned about alienating her three children’s affections for their father, Lindenbach shockingly confessed, “No. Not at all.”

Kane, who worked with Lindenbach and Horowitz for nearly two years, investigated the attacks against Horowitz, and discovered Ott’s “Christian Identity” pro-KKK publications. She then warned everyone in the company about the racist libel Ott’s gang generated to damage Horowitz’s reputation and corporations.

Lindenbach belittled Kane’s efforts, rejected her findings, and even discouraged Kane from filing for a restraining order against Ott to stop his racist harassments.

Lindenbach then stole Kane’s private properties, fed them to Ott’s gang, and began generating and spreading the cyber-libel in a conspiracy that also implicates and discredits the late Los Angeles FBI Bureau chief, Ted Gunderson. (Download: Lindenbach’s libelous solicitation of business associate(s); and threatening mail and libel by Ott’s gang, evidencing Lindenbach’s and Gunderson’s complicity in the cyber-harassments and commercial crime.)

Gunderson was assigned by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover to administer a secret operation called COINTELPRO (short for Counter Intelligence Program) to discredit leading political “dissidents.”

The COINTELPRO is well known to have persecuted Martin Luther King, Jr. and other peace activists during the 1960s and 70s by infiltrating targeted organizations and families. Gunderson and Co. were assigned to create and control the “conspiracy industry” at large as a discreditable diversion from serious organized crime.

COINTELPRO Connections to the Idaho Case

Ott’s and Kane’s personal correspondence with Gunderson’s gang of satanic cyber-trolls convinced her that Horowitz was being targeted by standard tactics used to discredit activists and journalists. This, Kane realized, is how control over status quo politics, economics, and “dissidents” was maintained, as evidenced by MLK’s persecution by the COINTELPRO, and Horowitz’s similar persecution by Ott & Co.

Following Kane’s and Horowitz’s initial reports on the covert operations of Gunderson and the COINTELPRO, Ott coined and published the name “The HOROKANE” to smear the journalists with propaganda aimed at “neutralizing” the doctor, and turning his research and whistleblowing into lame “conspiracy theories.”

The HOROKANE” then pulled a Tae Kwon Do move on Ott, turning the intended disparagment into a daily radio show providing news analysis and commentaries critical of Ott and the COINTELPRO.

The cyber-attacks and propaganda used to turn public opinion against the doctor also silenced, or marginalized, other vaccine critics, and “alternative medicine” advocates, who had supported and encouraged Horowitz’s whistleblowing and peace activism.

The Gunderson-Ott propaganda spread throughout the “conspiracy industry” in 2007-11, even though the COINTELPRO supposedly ended following exposures by the honorable Idaho Senator, Frank Church and his committee’s investigation in 1976.

Kane’s research revealed the defamation and persecution issued by Ott & Co. was reminiscent of the COINTELPRO that damaged similarly Malcolm X and peace activists John Lennon and Yoko Ono. These celebrities were each considered dangerous “dissidents” according to FBI records.

Most FBI agents remained unaware of the COINTELPRO, and those in the know were only given information on a “need-to-know” basis to keep the program “compartmentalized,” aiding-and-abetting concealed special interests that sustain status quo politics, economics, and social controls allegedly protecting “national security.”

The COINTELPRO commonly targeted civil rights activists, their marriages, spouses, family relationships, businesses and organizations with covert actions violating the U.S. Constitution and First Amendment rights, according to evidence published by the Church Committee.

The 1975-76 hearings probed widespread intelligence abuses by the FBI, CIA, IRS and NSA in the wake of the Watergate scandal. Among the discoveries was the FBI’s infiltration and administration of the KKK during MLK’s era, while the COINTELPRO persecuted King as a political “dissident” with libel involving his family, friends, and religious organizations.

The crimes “were explicitly intended to deter citizens from joining groups, ‘neutralize’ those who were already members, and prevent or inhibit the expression of ideas,” noted the Church Committee Report (CCR).

“The tactics used against Americans often risked and sometimes caused serious emotional, economic, or physical damage. Actions were taken which were designed to break up marriages, terminate funding or employment, and encourage gang warfare between . . . rival groups.”

This is precisely what Lindenbach invited by conspiring with Ott’s gang of cyber-stalkers--anti-government double agents who faked their opposition to human rights violations, like Gunderson did with child sex trafficking networks.

The Church Committee’s “Major Finding” stated “that covert action programs have been used to disrupt the lawful political activities of individual Americans and groups and discredit them, using dangerous and degrading tactics which are abhorrent in a free and decent society.” (pg. 211; CLICK HERE to read the cited Church Committee quotes.)

“Some of the targets of COINTELPRO were . . . merely advocating change in our society,” the CCR continued. “[A]pproximately thirty-nine percent of all actions attempted to keep targets from speaking, teaching, writing, or publishing.”

This was precisely what the Idaho conspirators accomplished by their complicity with Ott, Gunderson & Co. in cyber-attacking Horowitz and Kane.

“The image of an agent of the United States Government scrawling a poison-pen letter to someone’s wife in language usually reserved for bathroom walls is not a happy one,” the CCR noted.

This too was precisely evidenced during the Idaho trial, warranting Horowitz’s cautioning Judge Barbara Buchannan about the disgusting language, libel, and extortion Lindenbach mailed Horowitz on Dec. 7, 2012. (CLICK HERE to read the document.)

“Another technique which risked serious harm to the target was falsely labeling [him or her as] an informant,” the CCR stated. “This technique was used in all five domestic COINTELPRO [operations]. When a member of a nonviolent group was successfully mislabeled as an informant, the result was alienation from the group.”

This also occurred when Ott & Co., including Lindenbach, libeled Kane as a British Secret Service “MI6 agent;” and claimed she was Horowitz’s “handler,” directing Horowitz’s membership in the Knights Hospitaller of New York in a “Vatican conspiracy” to aid-and-abet the “Zionist Movement” using Jewish “spawns of Satan” to control the world.

The CCR added, “Personal life information, some of which was gathered expressly to be used in the programs, was then disseminated, either directly to the target’s family through an anonymous letter or telephone call, or indirectly, by giving the information to the media.” (pg. 50)

In the Idaho conspiracy, two “anonymous letters” triggered Lindenbach’s publication of cyber-attacks against Horowitz and Kane. The first was titled “Horrowshitz and his Whore,” and was mailed by Lindenbach and her “anonymous” associate to spread Ott & Co.’s propaganda at the time Lindenbach took over the companies. (CLICK HERE for evidence and HERE.)

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! addressed COINTELPRO’s media manipulations, critical of the CIA’s “national security” “protection racket” securing war industry special interests against peace activists opposed to war and injustices like ML King, Jr., Malcolm X, John Lennon and others. (CLICK HERE to view Goodman’s segment.)

Considering the CCR, and identical tactics used by Ott et al., damaging Horowitz and Kane—two of America’s leading peace activists, drugs-and-arms industry opponents, and Wall Street whistleblowers—Lindenbach’s felonies strongly suggest complicity with the COINTELPRO.

Lindenbach’s complicity generated disinformation and libel to control public attitudes about Horowitz and Kane. The propaganda was generated to alter public beliefs, attitudes and actions to prevent Horowitz’s messages from expanding about vaccination risks, medical alternatives to cure many illnesses, and their peace movement—the “528LOVERevolution.”

The Lindenbach/Ott “Blackmail” Video

To further discredit “the HOROKANE,” Lindenbach conspired with Ott to publish on dozens of websites a contrived “blackmail video” at the same time she hired attorney Finney to defend her illegal acts.

Ott’s libel began in 2007 after Horowitz published LOVE: The Real da Vinci CODE—a book that purportedly reveals the secret musical “key of the House of David”—528Hz frequency—prophesied in the Bible (Isaiah 22:22 and Rev. 3: 6-8) to be revealed in the End Times to restore health globally, defeat evil, and develop world peace.

Ott, in fact, had endorsed the same frequency in a publication he mostly plagiarized, before he attacked Horowitz and the 528 frequency; calling it “demonic” and desecrating Horowitz’s trademarked logo that heralds the number 528, as shown here.

Ott conspired with Lindenbach, and a former caretaker of Horowitz’s estate, Roxanne Joan Hampton, to discredit 528Hz, and “The HOROKANE,” by stealing and editing a private videotape of a feud between Horowitz and Kane, cutting segments that documented Lindenbach’s participation in the argument.

At the time of her hostile takeover of the companies, Lindenbach, Hampton, and Ott schemed to publish the ‘blackmail video’ Lindenbach claimed showed Kane blackmailing Horowitz in her underwear.

Later, Lindenbach claimed Kane sourced the video, even though Kane spent months working to remove it from the Internet.

Lindenbach also solicited her children, company staff, product manufacturers, Horowitz’s business associates, and order fulfillment director, Tracy York, to view the “blackmail video” to discredit Kane and Horowitz, and build her business selling illegally confiscated inventories, abusing Horowitz’s name, likeness, trademarks, and copyrights under Finney’s “legal protection.”

Evidencing criminal complicity, the anti-Semitic video was co-published by Lindenbach and Ott, along with a series of articles libeling Horowitz and Kane to build Ott’s and Lindenbach’s competing companies, Mother Earth Minerals, Co., and Healthy World Celebrations, LLC, respectively. The conspirators spread the edited videotape, stolen photos of Kane dressed in a cat suit from her theatrical portfolio, and information Lindenbach ripped out of Kane’s private journal when the two shared an apartment in California. 

“I theorize Lindenbach lost her mind to Ott & Company,” Horowitz said. “I can’t reconcile what she did to herself, the family, our businesses, me personally, and to Sherri Kane who took care of our children most lovingly and professionally for more than a year.”

Outrageous Trial Action

“Finney’s and Lindenbach’s actions, especially regurgitating Ott’s racist rants during trial, were outrageous,” Kane complained.

First, Finney contrived three default judgments against three new companies that Horowitz attempted to establish to mitigate damages from Lindenbach’s illegal dissolutions of the three original Idaho LLCs. Finney gained those three defaults almost instantly unethically, by purposely serving legal notices improperly to addresses he knew were least likely to generate timely replies. Horowitz complained about this evidenced malpractice in his Motion for Sanctions and Complaint to the ISB.

Then Finney lied to the Buchannan Court, neglecting an earlier Court’s decision to vacate the defaults, leading the Court to conclude the companies were still in default.

Next, Finney certified Lindenbach’s obviously felonious set of “Operating Agreements” in which Lindenbach is evidenced to have affixed unauthorized and forged signatures.

One such signature, claimed to be Horowitz’s, suddenly manifested after the Court brought attention to the alleged tampering and obviously missing signature(s). Shockingly, the next day, Finney and Lindenbach entered into evidence a new document bearing Horowitz’s signature to appease the Court. The problem is, the prior page was signed exclusively by Lindenbach on Horowitz’s behalf, supposedly because he was not around to sign the document himself. But, purportedly, at the same time on the same day, he signed the next page.

In other words, according to Lindenbach’s court submissions, and Finney’s certification, Horowitz was and was not there at the same time to sign and not sign the document—a gross inconsistency proving Lindenbach’s and Finney’s complicity in defrauding Horowitz and the court.

Adding insult to injury, Finney’s closing statement insinuated Horowitz’s religious beliefs and ministry affiliations were due to a psychological derangement, the “NPD” condition Ott sourced to discredit the doctor.

Finney then claimed Horowitz’s request for a DNA test for his son was because the boy was viewed as “inadequate” due to Horowitz’s NPD condition, neglecting Lindenbach’s alleged extramarital affair with a Canadian lover she visited around the time the boy was conceived.

“I had to laugh over this ‘NPD’ diagnosis offered by Ott, Lindenbach and Finney,” Horowitz said after the trial. “Jackie and I went to see a marriage counselor many years ago who informed her that she, exclusively, had a psychological problem. In fact, the psychologist agreed with my diagnosis. Unfortunately, she rejected our counsel, and later accepted Ott’s ‘NPD’ label and anti-Semitic libel.”

“In my professional opinion,” Dr. Horowitz concluded, “the ‘NPD’ label is a Freudian projection of criminally complicit parties that apparently suffer from a different form of “NPD”—“Neo-Nazi Personality Disorder.”

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